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Firebird LS1 Engine for Sale

Firebird LS1 Engine for Sale | LS1 Crate Engine The Firebird and Firebird Trans Am are American car classics. The year was 1967 and GM was planing the launch of the Mercury Cougar. The Firebird was designed as the next big muscle car. Car enthusiasts have never been the same since that day in 1967. The Firebird and its V8 horsepower roared through the seventies, was popularized in Hollywood and fans of this fine automobile around the world bought up all of the cars they could find. Then the government stepped in a changed fuel mileage history forever. Although GM started to decline sales of its Firebird, the legend still lives on to this day. We have a brand new Firebird LS1 engine for sale right now in our inventory waiting to ship to your door.

The 5.7L LS1 is one of the most popular versions put out by GM in recent years. We not only have these engines, but we build them right here in our engine shop. Every part is traditional GM quality and is not some cheap imitation. We don’t try to save money and use something we know is not worthy of the LS1 name. Every Firebird crate engine that we have is 100 percent unique and built with the specs that you demand. Our engine shop is in such high demand that we have a constant supply of LS1 engines for sale.

Firebird Crate Engines with a Warranty and Guarantee

We warranty what we do plain and simple. We don’t want you to buy a crate engine from us and have a problem with a part that we installed. Every part is guaranteed to be brand new when it is placed in our crate LS1 engines. We make certain that every engine is tested for construction accuracy and is performance tested. We don’t  sell engines that we would not put into our own cars. We test engines so you don’t have to test. These engines are great for an LS1 engine swap or project car. We make it easy to get the engine you need and every one of them come with our standard 36-month warranty. This is totally free of charge.

We ship our crate engines out the same day that they are ordered and they do not sit around and collect dust. Every engine is immaculate and guaranteed to be brand new. Our LS1 crate engine inventory is massive. We build and ship engines in the U.S., to Canada and many other countries in the world. We know what every Firebird LS1 engine for sale in our inventory can do. Contact us today to find out just how inexpensive our engines are to buy.

Instant Firebird LS1 Engine for Sale Quotes

(866) 289-3100 is our number. Get your quote instantly. We don’t play games or waste your time. Every single person that you speak to at our company is professional and has their act together. You don’t speak to 15 departments before you get to the right person. We give out our low price in less than a minute when you call. No hanging on the phone. We can send our low price right to your email if you choose when you complete our LS1 quote form. It’s easy. Try our crate engines out.


Pontiac Crate Engines for Sale

Pontiac Crate Engines for Sale | LS1 Crate Engine2004 was the year of the reissued Pontiac GTO. This classic beast was brought back from the dead to satisfy the overwhelming demand of car enthusiasts that never forgot just how powerful a GTO could be on the road. While this production run was shortened, the LS1 engine under the hood is found in many other GM vehicles. We have Pontiac crate engines for sale at hugely discounted prices. Because our inventory is so huge, we are able to buy hundreds of engines at one time and pass along the money that we save in a special price for you.

Pontiac is not a brand that came and went before anyone recognized that it was gone. Pontiac ruled the sixties and seventies and this major muscle car competitor is back with a vengeance. Anyone that is restoring a GTO or installing a rebuilt engine can drop in a GTO crate engine with little effort. Since these engines are custom built and rebuilt, no additional modifications are needed. Just drop it in, wire it up and start it up to hear the famous GTO hum. We specialize in crate engines, used engines, new engines and LS1 engines for sale.

5.7L 350 HP Crate Engine with a 3-Year Warranty

Our engine mechanics put a lot of hours into building and rebuilding GM performance engines. This passion is recognized by our less than 5% warranty rate. This means that 95% of our engines end up surpassing the 3-year warranty regardless of the wear and tear or mileage that is put onto them. This says a lot about the quality of our LS1 crate engines. We know that problems can happen unexpectedly and we take care of our customers quickly. Our 3-year extended warranty is free of charge. You call us. We fix it. You receive your engine back fast. It could not be simpler.

No matter where you live in the U.S., our exclusive network of shipping carriers get your engine to you fast. We ship every order out the same day to eliminate any delays in the transport process. Every crated engine arrives safely for direct installation into your GM vehicle. You do not have to worry about hooking up a 5.7L crate GM engine and finding out there is a problem that happened during transit. We sell you a perfect engine and it will arrive that way guaranteed. We love our Pontiac crate engines and want you to be just as satisfied as we are with them.

How to Order Your LS1 Crate Engine Today

You call (866) 289-3100 and we answer. We know your time is limited and you are price checking before you buy. Finding a lower price online is just not possible because we have checked around. Our prices are really, really low. We have a quote form that you can use as an alternative way to order. It’s super easy to get a price quote in your email. Regardless of the way that you receive our low price quote, our courteous staff is is ready to process and ship your order today.

Better Crate Small Block Chevy Engines for Sale

Better Crate Small Block Chevy Engines for Sale ls1

Better Crate Small Block Chevy Engines for Sale ls1

Can you believe it? This year the 100 millionth small block Chevy engine will be made. Since it’s very defining introduction in 1955, it changed everything people were accustomed to back then. Until 1955, Chevrolet only offered 6 cylinder engines. The LS1 is a small block Chevy engine, one of great fame and desire. It was the beginning a a new era in engine production. Soon to be emulated by the Big 3.

No matter how you look at it we have Better Crate Small Block Chevy Engines for Sale everyday at affordable prices. No gimmicks or secret add-ons. Call now LS1CrateEngine.com .

The man who developed the engine was named Ed Cole. His job was to design a powerful, lightweight and affordable V8 engine. His solution was  a compact, efficient 90 degree V8 engine, featuring overhead valves [OHV], pushrod valve train and 4.4 inch on-center bore spacing.

The performance of the engine transformed Chevy, it made Chevy the weapon of choice for all racers, from grassroots racing to drag racing.  It was also the power behind Chevrolet’s racing program.

Moving to the LS1 engine, first introduced in 1997, it was a complete redesign of the small block. Although it shared little in common mechanically speaking, it is still referred to as a small block engine.

The LS1 was just one of many engines of the LS engine family. It is a high performance engine first offered in the Corvette in 1997, running to 2004. To list the variations of every LS1 engine would take forever and be somewhat boring. Every LS1 application comes in a different state of “tune” depending on the car or truck it is installed in.

Because the LS1 was so successful, there are a variety of options available if you need a replacement LS1 motor. Which variant you need is a critical decision, our representatives can help you determine which one suits you the best.

Variations we also offer include remanufactured engines, rebuilt engines, used engines with low mileage. But, crate engines are the most popular  and well priced, an unbelievable value. This is one of those super popular engines which is easily adapted to custom cars. It is also very popular with hot rodders and custom applications for reasons mentioned above [light in weight].

The #1 choice for hot rodders and custom car builders is a crate engine. A crate engine can be either a brand new engine, just like the factory would sell you, but about 40 percent less in cost. Another choice is a custom built remanufactured crate engine, very popular for custom car builders or racers.

For the folks who want help and are looking for honest answers and a quality product for an fair price, call LS1CrateEngine.com and get the information you need to make a great decision. Educated consumers make better decisions. Call now.

Crate Chevy Generation lV LS1 Engines for Sale

Chevy Generation lV LS1 Engines for Sale

Chevy Generation lV LS1 Engines for Sale

By now we all know the LS1 engine family is a part of the legendary small block Chevy engine lineup, or sometimes called Mouse Motors. Anyone remember those names? It’s a rear wheel drive vehicle engine mostly for trucks. But we know people use this famous engine for many other purposes. Regardless, if you are searching for Crate Chevy Generation lV LS1 Engines for Sale, Bingo!

Just call right now, ls1crateengine.com and find out how many ways we can help you.

How many people know what a crate engine is? It’s sort of confusing to many people, even professionals. Crate engines come in two forms. Form one is a brand new factory engine packed in a crate. Hence the name crate. These are brand new engines from the factory at literally a fraction of the dealership price.

New crate engines are very popular with hot rodders and custom car builders. Especially folks who restore cars and want to use the exact same engine that the car came with from the factory.

Another use for a crate motor is in a commercial vehicle where: A. Engines need to be super reliable because they get driven a lot under stressful circumstances. B. The cost is very low considering the many trouble free miles the new engine offers. A new engine is lot less expensive than a new truck.

The second form of Crate Engines are essentially remanufactured custom engines, generally used in custom applications. Usually for hot rods, or other sports related automotive activities. Marine applications, Vintage car owners often prefer their original engines to be crate remanufactured to preserve the originality of the vehicle.

No matter how you approach it, a Crate Engine is the most reliable method of engine replacement. Some folks may consider it an overkill for everyday use. I suggest you call right now for a price quote. I think you will find the pricing surprisingly reasonable.

One of the desirable features of most crate engines is called turnkey. What that means is the engine is complete and only needs installing, then you turn the key and go. All of the adjustments are pre set at the facility and that’s about it.

Need even more information, call ChevyLS1Crateenginesforsale.com and speak with a live, intelligent human being who knows exactly how to help you choose the right engine for your application and or needs. Call right now.

Camaro LS1 Crate Engines for Sale 5.7 Liter

Camaro junkies share a common belief that Mustang lovers say is pure hogwash. Mustang fanatics say that the 1967 Camaro design was an almost exact knock off of the 1964 Mustang. That’s an argument that will never go away, but one fact poses no argument: Camaro engines have always been pushrod engines; there has never been an overhead cam in a Camaro from the factory.

 Camaro LS1 Crate Engines for Sale 5.7 Liter, were the best ever,call now for a deep discount.

Some car historians say that the 1968 Camaro’s unibody design was based on the 1968 Chevy Nova, and the 230 cubic inch straight-6 140 horsepower engine was tweaked just to give Mustang a serious run for the money. Other engines like the larger 250 cubic inch, 155 horsepower straight-6 was available, and a 327 cubic inch small block V8 with a 2-barrel carburetor, and another version with a 4-barrel carburetor gave buyers a couple of great choices back then. The 327 V8 had a 275 horsepower rating. It was born to boogie.

The SS-350 trim model had a 350 cubic inch small block V8 engine rated at 295 horsepower. The RS trim model was the high performance model that wooed baby boomers with its hidden lights, bumble bee stripes, heavy duty suspension, and 14” wheels. But the RS/SS convertible was the big boy with an 396 cubic inch attitude. It woke up the masses and proved itself as a pace car for the 1967 Indy 500.

The special Z28 was in a class of its own with a 302 cubic inch V8 with the short stroke crank of a 283, and the big bore block of a 327. The Z28 engine was rated at 295 horsepower. It was a match for any of the muscle cars of the 1960s.

Through the years Camaro engines have been criticized and complimented for their performance and reliability. The big yellow engines appeared at almost the same time as the yawn engines surfaced. The 200 horse low performing 302 engine replaced the lethargic 327 engine in 1969, but that same year the COPO 9561 427 cubic inch all iron big block with 425 horsepower blew the top coat off of all the competition.

This rare COPO 9560 was a collector’s item before it hit the streets since there were only 69 of these all aluminum ZL-1 427 cubic inch engines produced. Most car aficionados say the 1969 with the COPO 9560 was the best Camaro ever built.

We sell Camaro crate ls1 engines for less. For more information about crate-new Camaro engines, email or call LS1crateengine.com now.

General Motors LS1 Crate Engines for Sale

General Motors makes the LS series of engines. Some folks may recognize it’s nick name, Small Block Chevy engine or motors. Perhaps the best known engine in America. The original small block engine was introduced in 1955. The LS1 is a third generation small block V8, introduced in 1997. Start your search for General Motors LS1 Crate Engines for Sale at LS1crateengines.com, affordable prices.

Crate engines are available in two forms. The most common and best selling variants are 100% factory original brand new engines. Designed to directly install in the place of your worn out engine perfectly, just like the factory. The nick name “crate engine” comes from the fact that new engines are packed in a shipping crate from the factory.

The second form of crate engine is a custom remanufactured engine built to special specifications. Perhaps for a certain type of racing car. Called crate engines because most of the internal components are new, not re-machined, which may be a custom ”one of a kind” motor for a custom application.

The LS1 shares no features with earlier small block Chevy engines. Some have cast iron blocks and others use aluminum engine blocks. It has a completely unique design, different from other small block engines of  5.7 liters. The area of greatest improvement is in the cooling system. Called a reverse flow cooling system, it was developed from the racetrack, Nascar racing in particular. The new design cools the engine in a manner which prevents pre-ignition and engine destruction.

The new cooling system allows for more compression, which increases power output, but produces more heat, the new system easily removes all extra heat, leaving the extra power. And if I did not mention it, this is a 5.7 liter V8 engine, 350 cubic inches or 5700 cc [cubic centimeters].  The LS1 engine introduced in the Vette in 1997 had 320 horsepower and launched a Corvette to below 14 second quarter mile times.

G.M/Chevrolet makes a variety of different engine sizes in the LS series. Ranging from 4.8 liters to 6.0 liters in size. Some times referred to as Vortec engines/motors also.

If your goal is to buy a crate LS1 engine, to renew your car or truck, allow  LS1crateengines.com to show you a lineup of crate LS1 engines with one for you. Call about prices, the cost is more affordable than most people expect, especially when you consider the value of a new engine.

Put your car or truck back on the road with the most reliable engine solution available. Call  LS1crateengines.com and speak with a qualified salesperson about how we can get your new engine to you ASAP.