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Firebird LS1 Engine for Sale | LS1 Crate Engine The Firebird and Firebird Trans Am are American car classics. The year was 1967 and GM was planing the launch of the Mercury Cougar. The Firebird was designed as the next big muscle car. Car enthusiasts have never been the same since that day in 1967. The Firebird and its V8 horsepower roared through the seventies, was popularized in Hollywood and fans of this fine automobile around the world bought up all of the cars they could find. Then the government stepped in a changed fuel mileage history forever. Although GM started to decline sales of its Firebird, the legend still lives on to this day. We have a brand new Firebird LS1 engine for sale right now in our inventory waiting to ship to your door.

The 5.7L LS1 is one of the most popular versions put out by GM in recent years. We not only have these engines, but we build them right here in our engine shop. Every part is traditional GM quality and is not some cheap imitation. We don’t try to save money and use something we know is not worthy of the LS1 name. Every Firebird crate engine that we have is 100 percent unique and built with the specs that you demand. Our engine shop is in such high demand that we have a constant supply of LS1 engines for sale.

Firebird Crate Engines with a Warranty and Guarantee

We warranty what we do plain and simple. We don’t want you to buy a crate engine from us and have a problem with a part that we installed. Every part is guaranteed to be brand new when it is placed in our crate LS1 engines. We make certain that every engine is tested for construction accuracy and is performance tested. We don’t  sell engines that we would not put into our own cars. We test engines so you don’t have to test. These engines are great for an LS1 engine swap or project car. We make it easy to get the engine you need and every one of them come with our standard 36-month warranty. This is totally free of charge.

We ship our crate engines out the same day that they are ordered and they do not sit around and collect dust. Every engine is immaculate and guaranteed to be brand new. Our LS1 crate engine inventory is massive. We build and ship engines in the U.S., to Canada and many other countries in the world. We know what every Firebird LS1 engine for sale in our inventory can do. Contact us today to find out just how inexpensive our engines are to buy.

Instant Firebird LS1 Engine for Sale Quotes

(866) 289-3100 is our number. Get your quote instantly. We don’t play games or waste your time. Every single person that you speak to at our company is professional and has their act together. You don’t speak to 15 departments before you get to the right person. We give out our low price in less than a minute when you call. No hanging on the phone. We can send our low price right to your email if you choose when you complete our LS1 quote form. It’s easy. Try our crate engines out.


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