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Pontiac Crate Engines for Sale | LS1 Crate Engine2004 was the year of the reissued Pontiac GTO. This classic beast was brought back from the dead to satisfy the overwhelming demand of car enthusiasts that never forgot just how powerful a GTO could be on the road. While this production run was shortened, the LS1 engine under the hood is found in many other GM vehicles. We have Pontiac crate engines for sale at hugely discounted prices. Because our inventory is so huge, we are able to buy hundreds of engines at one time and pass along the money that we save in a special price for you.

Pontiac is not a brand that came and went before anyone recognized that it was gone. Pontiac ruled the sixties and seventies and this major muscle car competitor is back with a vengeance. Anyone that is restoring a GTO or installing a rebuilt engine can drop in a GTO crate engine with little effort. Since these engines are custom built and rebuilt, no additional modifications are needed. Just drop it in, wire it up and start it up to hear the famous GTO hum. We specialize in crate engines, used engines, new engines and LS1 engines for sale.

5.7L 350 HP Crate Engine with a 3-Year Warranty

Our engine mechanics put a lot of hours into building and rebuilding GM performance engines. This passion is recognized by our less than 5% warranty rate. This means that 95% of our engines end up surpassing the 3-year warranty regardless of the wear and tear or mileage that is put onto them. This says a lot about the quality of our LS1 crate engines. We know that problems can happen unexpectedly and we take care of our customers quickly. Our 3-year extended warranty is free of charge. You call us. We fix it. You receive your engine back fast. It could not be simpler.

No matter where you live in the U.S., our exclusive network of shipping carriers get your engine to you fast. We ship every order out the same day to eliminate any delays in the transport process. Every crated engine arrives safely for direct installation into your GM vehicle. You do not have to worry about hooking up a 5.7L crate GM engine and finding out there is a problem that happened during transit. We sell you a perfect engine and it will arrive that way guaranteed. We love our Pontiac crate engines and want you to be just as satisfied as we are with them.

How to Order Your LS1 Crate Engine Today

You call (866) 289-3100 and we answer. We know your time is limited and you are price checking before you buy. Finding a lower price online is just not possible because we have checked around. Our prices are really, really low. We have a quote form that you can use as an alternative way to order. It’s super easy to get a price quote in your email. Regardless of the way that you receive our low price quote, our courteous staff is is ready to process and ship your order today.

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