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Chevy Generation lV LS1 Engines for Sale

Chevy Generation lV LS1 Engines for Sale

By now we all know the LS1 engine family is a part of the legendary small block Chevy engine lineup, or sometimes called Mouse Motors. Anyone remember those names? It’s a rear wheel drive vehicle engine mostly for trucks. But we know people use this famous engine for many other purposes. Regardless, if you are searching for Crate Chevy Generation lV LS1 Engines for Sale, Bingo!

Just call right now, and find out how many ways we can help you.

How many people know what a crate engine is? It’s sort of confusing to many people, even professionals. Crate engines come in two forms. Form one is a brand new factory engine packed in a crate. Hence the name crate. These are brand new engines from the factory at literally a fraction of the dealership price.

New crate engines are very popular with hot rodders and custom car builders. Especially folks who restore cars and want to use the exact same engine that the car came with from the factory.

Another use for a crate motor is in a commercial vehicle where: A. Engines need to be super reliable because they get driven a lot under stressful circumstances. B. The cost is very low considering the many trouble free miles the new engine offers. A new engine is lot less expensive than a new truck.

The second form of Crate Engines are essentially remanufactured custom engines, generally used in custom applications. Usually for hot rods, or other sports related automotive activities. Marine applications, Vintage car owners often prefer their original engines to be crate remanufactured to preserve the originality of the vehicle.

No matter how you approach it, a Crate Engine is the most reliable method of engine replacement. Some folks may consider it an overkill for everyday use. I suggest you call right now for a price quote. I think you will find the pricing surprisingly reasonable.

One of the desirable features of most crate engines is called turnkey. What that means is the engine is complete and only needs installing, then you turn the key and go. All of the adjustments are pre set at the facility and that’s about it.

Need even more information, call and speak with a live, intelligent human being who knows exactly how to help you choose the right engine for your application and or needs. Call right now.

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