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General Motors makes the LS series of engines. Some folks may recognize it’s nick name, Small Block Chevy engine or motors. Perhaps the best known engine in America. The original small block engine was introduced in 1955. The LS1 is a third generation small block V8, introduced in 1997. Start your search for General Motors LS1 Crate Engines for Sale at, affordable prices.

Crate engines are available in two forms. The most common and best selling variants are 100% factory original brand new engines. Designed to directly install in the place of your worn out engine perfectly, just like the factory. The nick name “crate engine” comes from the fact that new engines are packed in a shipping crate from the factory.

The second form of crate engine is a custom remanufactured engine built to special specifications. Perhaps for a certain type of racing car. Called crate engines because most of the internal components are new, not re-machined, which may be a custom ”one of a kind” motor for a custom application.

The LS1 shares no features with earlier small block Chevy engines. Some have cast iron blocks and others use aluminum engine blocks. It has a completely unique design, different from other small block engines of  5.7 liters. The area of greatest improvement is in the cooling system. Called a reverse flow cooling system, it was developed from the racetrack, Nascar racing in particular. The new design cools the engine in a manner which prevents pre-ignition and engine destruction.

The new cooling system allows for more compression, which increases power output, but produces more heat, the new system easily removes all extra heat, leaving the extra power. And if I did not mention it, this is a 5.7 liter V8 engine, 350 cubic inches or 5700 cc [cubic centimeters].  The LS1 engine introduced in the Vette in 1997 had 320 horsepower and launched a Corvette to below 14 second quarter mile times.

G.M/Chevrolet makes a variety of different engine sizes in the LS series. Ranging from 4.8 liters to 6.0 liters in size. Some times referred to as Vortec engines/motors also.

If your goal is to buy a crate LS1 engine, to renew your car or truck, allow to show you a lineup of crate LS1 engines with one for you. Call about prices, the cost is more affordable than most people expect, especially when you consider the value of a new engine.

Put your car or truck back on the road with the most reliable engine solution available. Call and speak with a qualified salesperson about how we can get your new engine to you ASAP.

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