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Better Crate Small Block Chevy Engines for Sale ls1

Better Crate Small Block Chevy Engines for Sale ls1

Can you believe it? This year the 100 millionth small block Chevy engine will be made. Since it’s very defining introduction in 1955, it changed everything people were accustomed to back then. Until 1955, Chevrolet only offered 6 cylinder engines. The LS1 is a small block Chevy engine, one of great fame and desire. It was the beginning a a new era in engine production. Soon to be emulated by the Big 3.

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The man who developed the engine was named Ed Cole. His job was to design a powerful, lightweight and affordable V8 engine. His solution was  a compact, efficient 90 degree V8 engine, featuring overhead valves [OHV], pushrod valve train and 4.4 inch on-center bore spacing.

The performance of the engine transformed Chevy, it made Chevy the weapon of choice for all racers, from grassroots racing to drag racing.  It was also the power behind Chevrolet’s racing program.

Moving to the LS1 engine, first introduced in 1997, it was a complete redesign of the small block. Although it shared little in common mechanically speaking, it is still referred to as a small block engine.

The LS1 was just one of many engines of the LS engine family. It is a high performance engine first offered in the Corvette in 1997, running to 2004. To list the variations of every LS1 engine would take forever and be somewhat boring. Every LS1 application comes in a different state of “tune” depending on the car or truck it is installed in.

Because the LS1 was so successful, there are a variety of options available if you need a replacement LS1 motor. Which variant you need is a critical decision, our representatives can help you determine which one suits you the best.

Variations we also offer include remanufactured engines, rebuilt engines, used engines with low mileage. But, crate engines are the most popular  and well priced, an unbelievable value. This is one of those super popular engines which is easily adapted to custom cars. It is also very popular with hot rodders and custom applications for reasons mentioned above [light in weight].

The #1 choice for hot rodders and custom car builders is a crate engine. A crate engine can be either a brand new engine, just like the factory would sell you, but about 40 percent less in cost. Another choice is a custom built remanufactured crate engine, very popular for custom car builders or racers.

For the folks who want help and are looking for honest answers and a quality product for an fair price, call and get the information you need to make a great decision. Educated consumers make better decisions. Call now.

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